Troop 214 History
Before Troop 214
Jim and Marie Campbell started a Wolves Pack in the late 1980s. They lived at 214 East Circle Drive in Russellville. They picked their home address for the number of the pack. Center Valley School chartered the Pack 214.
In late 1990, early 1991, Bob McKinney was the Pack 214 Cubmaster and Miles Jonhson was a Webelos Leader. Some Webelos wanted to continue their scouting experiences and adventures. The boys and their parents really wanted an active troop with at least one outdoor activity each month. When time to cross over arrived, Bob and Miles researched the local troops. Unfortunately, they did not offer much outdoor activities. Thus Bob and Miles decided to create their own troop.
Troop 214, the Early Years
March 1991
Miles and Bob started Troop 214 in March 1991. The Boy Scouts of America requires a minimum of five boys to start a new troop. There were five Webelos who wanted to cross over and the troop was born. For continuity, the troop decided to keep the number 214, which was available at the time. In 1991, Troop 214 consisted of:
Adult Leadership
  • Scoutmaster: Miles Jonhson
  • Assistant Scoutmaster: Bob McKinney
Boy Scouts
  • Greg Calvert
  • Mike Cousar
  • Bryan Feemster
  • Daniel Jonhson
  • Nate Thompson
Troop 214 did not have camping material or any other type of gear. Thus, Miles and Bob decided to visit local businesses and ask for their contributions. Keith Cogswell of Cogswell Motors donated $50.00 to start the troop. Miles and Bob received another $50.00 from Rusty Taylor of Taylor oil Company. Troop 400 donated used tents and gear.
With the money, Miles and Bob went to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield Missouri to purchase some new equipment such as camping tents.1991 - 1992
Several boys joined Troop 214 in the next following months. Around that time also, Scott Feemster and Gary Cousar joined Troop 214 as Assistant Scoutmasters.
The scouts were asked to pick a color for the troop's neckerchief. They settled for green camouflage. Linda Higgins bougth the material and cut and sewed a first batch of forty neckerchieves.
Scott Feemster designed the logo for the troop. Unfortunately, the white logo was not very visible on the camouflage neckerchief.
The scouts were asked to pick another color for their neckerchieves and they selected blue. The cap's color would also be blue. Since then, when Troop 214 goes to Camp Orr, it is nicknamed the Blue Hat Troop.
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