Procedures to Earn a Merit Badge
  1. The Scout selects a Merit Badge he would like to earn.

  2. He looks at the Merit Badge Counselor list to see who the Counselor is that he would like to use.

  3. He gets a Blue Card:

    1. He completes the "Application for Merit Badge" section;

    2. He writes in the name of the Merit Badge;

    3. He writes in the name of the Merit Badge Counselor;

    4. He gets the Scoutmaster's signature on the front of the Blue Card giving him permission to begin Merit Badge work.

  4. The Scout contacts the Merit Badge Counselor and begins Merit Badge work until he has completed all requirements to the Counselor's satisfaction. The Merit Badge Counselor will sign the back of the Blue Card indicating that all requirements are complete.

  5. The Scout takes the Blue Card to the Scoutmaster for a final signature indicating that the Merit Badge is complete.

  6. The Scout gives the "Application" portion of the Blue Card to the Advancement Chair. NO Merit Badge can be ordered until the Blue Card has been submitted to the Advancement Chair.

Merit Badges earned at a Merit Badge University or at Camp Orr are handled differently. The Advancement Chair will create a Blue Card for each Scout following his attendance at a Merit Badge earning event.
  • Scouts will be informed of any remaining requirements following the event.
  • The Advancement Chair will hold the incomplete Blue Cards until the Scout has completed the remaining requirements and is ready for final signatures.
  • The Scout's portion of the Blue Cards for Merit Badges that have been completed at the event will be given to the Scout as soon as possible.
Merit Badges are awarded at Courts of Honor held in January, May, and September of each year.
Last modified May 31, 2011.