Camping and Backpacking
Camping Checklist (suggested by BSA)
Download the BSA Camping Checklist when going camping.
Troop 214 Backpacking Checklist
After many outings, the troop adults have come to select the following items when going backpacking.
The Scout will carry a backpack with
His Clothing and Equipment
  • a tent
    - 1 troop tent is for two so the material is divided between two scouts
    - if the scout owns his own one person tent (or hamac depending on weather), he can bring it
  • Rain gear - poncho or Raincoat and Pants
  • Jacket / Wind Breaker or Raincoat
  • 1 Extra Pair Undies
  • 1 Extra Pair Socks
  • 1 Pair Pants (Nylon Shell Windpants or other quick-dry material)
  • 1 Extra Shirt (additional layer - if desired)
  • For cold weather, bring long underwear - tops and bottoms, preferably not cotton
  • Blaze Orange Hat (during Hunting Season)
  • Blaze Orange Vest (during Hunting Season)
  • Fleece Sweater or Sweatshirt
  • Cup
  • Spoon (spork)
  • Rope (string - light, about 50')
  • Toilet Paper (1/2 roll at the most)
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • First Aid Kit (moleskin)
  • Pocket Knife (only for Totin' Chip card bearers)
  • Flashlight (recommended: LED head lamp)
  • Water (recommended: wide mouth 1 quart Nalgene)
  • Compass
  • Pack Cover (large garbage bag will work)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Chapstick
  • Ziplock Bag for Trash

His Food Top
Each Scout will carry his own food and should have one quart of water.
For a one night outing, the Scout will take one lunch (which could include heavy items because luch usually takes place as soon as the group arrives at the head of the trail), one dinner, and one breakfast (dry foods are better because lighter). Light snakcs are a great food to take along to eat during the hike.
For a two nights outing, the Scout will take two lunches (one for the head of the trail and one for the next day), two dinners, and two breakfasts. Light weight snacks are a good food for quick bites.
For each additional night, the Scout will take one lunch, one dinner, and one breakfast. As always, light weight snacks are a good idea to complement meals.

Optional Top
  • Book
    • BSA Handbook
    • Notebook and pencil
  • Camera
  • Walking Stick(s)
  • Bandanas
In addition, each Scout will also carry of a tent (either the stake portion or tent portion). The Scout's tent buddy will carry the other half.
  • Water Filter(s)
  • Pot to Boil Water
  • Backpacking Stove(s) & Necessary Fuel
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