Where to Buy
If your son goes camping, he will need some equipment. Troop 214 owns tents and other cooking and shelter equipment. The troop often lends tents and thus, it is not essential that you purchase one. However, he will need a sleeping bag and some other equipment. While Walmart and K-Mart offer some camping material, their selection is somewhat limited.
Consider talking to the Scoutmaster and his Assistants before buying expensive backpacks and sleeping pads. They will be able to help you and even sometimes lend you some of their material for you to try before you spend the big bucks.
Many stores offer camping equipment. Some stores have a physical location, some are online only, and some are both physically and digitally accessible. It is sometimes helpful to go see (and touch) what is available in a physical store, even if you decide to finally buy the item(s) online.
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Regional (Little Rock)
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If you plan to buy something online, here is a good strategy for getting the best prices.
First, research thorougly the items you wish to purchase. The stores listed below should help you figure out what you want. Go to more than one store since one does not carry all that is available. Do not yet worry too much about prices, but make sure you find the item you would likely purchase.
After you have found the item, copy its exact name. Make sure there is a brand name and maybe a model name or model number. Then go to one of these price comparing Web sites ( or ) to find who has the best price. One can be surprised that a small online store not listed below can have the selected item for less than a big name online store...
Good hunt!
Last modified December 02, 2012.