Troop Meeting Agenda
The following Model Troop Meeting Agenda is a "typical" meeting agenda that will, on occasion, need to be adjusted based on the program that the Scouts decide on. This model agenda is NOT set in stone and can be adjusted as necessary.
Model Troop Meeting Agenda
7:00 pm
Opening (SPL and ASPL)
7:02 pm
Attendance (Librarian)
7:04 pm
KOW = Knot of the Week (Guide)
7:10 pm
Program (Program Manager)
7:50 pm
Game (assigned Patrol Leader)
8:20 pm
Chaplain's Aide Minute
Scoutmaster Minute
8:25 pm
Taps (Bugler)
8:27 pm
Closing (SPL and ASPL)
8:30 pm
Cleanup (assigned patrol)
Last modified January 21, 2013.