The program is an important part of the weekly meeting. It usually is led by an experienced person on a specific topic chosen by the troop members present at the monthly Patrol Leaders' Council.
The following exhaustive list includes some of the programs presented in the past to Troop 214. Some programs need more than one meeting to be completed. These usually end up with the earning of a merit badge.
Single Meeting Programs
  • Advancement
  • Backpack adjustment (for definite better comfort while hiking)
  • Backpacking Shake Down (what to take or not to take on a backpacking hike)
  • Backpacking videos
  • Canoeing (paddling techniques, types of canoes, safety)
  • Firem'n Chit
  • Flag retirement ceremony
  • Night map reading
  • One match fire
  • Soda can stove
  • String burning competition
  • Totin Chip
  • Troop material check (stoves, cooking boxes, tents...)
  • Uniform inspection (usually short)
Programs Leading to a Merit Badge (number of meetings needed for completion)
  • Energy (2)
  • Chess (3)
  • Finger Printing (1)
  • Fire Safety (2)
  • Pioneering (3)
  • Railroading (2)
Last modified October 15, 2013.