Troop 214 Forms
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Activity Consent
This form is used to obtain approval and consent for Troop 214 Boy Scouts and guests (if applicable) under 21 years of age to participate in a troop trip, expedition, or activity. It is recommended that parents keep a copy of the form and contact the Troop event leader in case of any questions or if emergency contact is needed. Additional copies of this form along with the Guide to Safe Scouting are available for download from Scouting Safely at www.scouting.org/forms.
If a parent or guardian plans to have his son(s) dropped off/picked up at the starting/ending point of an event by someone else, it is imperative that a completed form accompanies the scout(s) so the Troop 214 responsible leaders are informed. If the needed form is not completed, the scout(s) will not be able to participate in the event.
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Last modified April 10, 2015.