Gallery 2013: June 21 - July 4, Philmont
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Two Troop 214 crews went to Philmont in June 2013: 622-R-01 and 622-R-02.
Members of 622-R-01 from left to right: Dylan, Jonathan, John, Calvin, Mr. Williams ,Gunnar, and Christopher.
Members of 622-R-02 from left to right: Mr. Vickers, John, Jake, William, Siam, Chase, Maxim, and Mr. Van Houtte.
Over one hundred and fifty slides have been saved as two PDFs. The links below will open a new page/tab in your browser to view the PDF. Navigate the presentation with the Page Down and Page Up keys on your keyboard. When you get to the last slide of the first half, you can close that window. Open the second PDF to view the rest of the pictures.
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Adobe manu
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Click here to start the first part of the expedition 622-R-02.
Click here to start the second part of the expedition 622-R-02.
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